Hello, I'm Rohith

I help turn ideas to digital experiences

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Who Am I


I'm a Foodie, Wanderlust & Technology Geek. I write Software for the fun of it, from planet Earth. Music touches my Soul, I guess that explains a lot about what it means to me than a single word synonym ever does

Did I mention I'm a wannabe Airbender?


I'm a maker, I create Software by putting together BITs & PIXELs

I work on entire Stack often biased towards the Server side. I started out with C# & .NET framework, ventured into web world & caught up with front-end. I fancy the web these days due to the volatile nature of it that always keeps me in the learning. I like to explore new technologies & build things ranging from hobbies to projects. Simplicity is my facet, because if it's getting complicated then it's getting buggy

I hold a 10+ yrs of extensive experience in Software Development & wore many hats in the process. My career took root in 2011, the same year in which I graduated as a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. During this time, I've gained a wide-range of skills to deal with most situations & yield great results with ease

The Arsenal

Being a Jack of all doesn't mean Master of none, I strive to achieve excellence at everything. I do what's only human nature, to learn & evolve


.NET Core ASP.NET MVC C#.NET CSS / SASS / SCSS HTML / XML JavaScript Responsive Design VCS / Git / TFS Web API / RESTful Services Web Applications / Services Windows Applications / Services


Docker Containers Microservices Cloud CI / CD / Octopus / TeamCity Design Patterns NPM / NuGet OOPS Progressive Web Apps SQL SignalR TypeScript Vue.js Knockout Aurelia PowerShell


IIS / Load Balancing JS Frameworks / Packages / Libraries Universal Windows Platform SPA


F# IOT AI ML Game Development

I built products that run across platforms & devices scaling from a 4-inch screen to a 4K screen

Open Source

Raven Identity

I built this project to provide a No-SQL database as an alternate storage for ASP.NET Identity. The library abstracts underlying CRUD operations with Identity stores, supports Entity Framework & LINQ. Distributed as Nuget Package & help related to integration is available on the website

Chatter Club

A prototype built for real-time chat. It's a fun project built to learn the ways of SignalR. It's been on the internet for quite sometime, go ahead give it a try


My very first Progressive Web App, I built this to learn PWA & Service Worker. It's live & can be installed on mobiles as well as desktops. As PWA, it runs in a standalone mode & feels like a native app while occupying tiny space on the device


Checkout my GitHub profile where I contribute to other open-source projects, the popular one's being VS Code & cdnjs